A Sign for The Union Bar

After blogging about signs for the best part of a year now, it’s high time we featured a project right here in our beautiful town of Inverell. Otho street – one of Inverell’s two main retail strips – is full of grand old federation-style buildings. Not least among these is the Old Union Bank. Since its days as a bank, this building has been reinvented numerous times. It has been a restaurant, a tavern, an empty building to lease and, most recently, a spiffy tapas bar. Local Builder Tim Russell and his wife Ann thought up the idea, remodeled the building, and opened it in its current form some two years ago now. We were honoured to fabricate the large gilded art-deco-style letters on the building’s dark blue facade. Tim tells more about the project:

The building was purposely built in 1911 for the Union Bank of Australia. The Union bank merged with the ANZ bank in around 1960 and they eventually moved to their new location in 1972. The building was then purchased by Pixie Cydesmith who turned into a first class restaurant until 1979. It was then purchased and turned into a hotel called ‘The Tavern’ until 2010 when it closed for business.

Inverell Tavern

Inverell Tavern

We looked at the building in May 2011 as it was for sale and had been since closing. We tossed around ideas of what we could do with the building until we came up with what it has evolved into. The Union bar, cafe/restaurant and bar with a entertainment area at the rear. The upstairs has two, two bed luxury apartments for overnight or long term stays.

It’s been a lot of hard work to get to where we are today, but very worthwhile and satisfying, Business is good.

Union Building

Renovation work at the Union Building

The location of the sign originally had the Union Bank of Australia moulded into the facade, which obviously had been taken off.  We wanted to create a statement and make people think. The sign has certainly achieved this, as it is the focal point and draws your eye day or night. The investment was really worthwhile.

Union Bar Interior

I was born and bred in Inverell and just love the place. It is one of the most vibrant & friendly country towns in New South Wales. The street-scape is picturesque and the shopping precinct has a charm and vitality that is unmatched. I have traveled to most places on the Eastern side of Australia, and you won’t find a better location for everything required to provide a easy comfortable family-orientated lifestyle.

Union Bar Gilded Letters Inverell

Gilded, Prism-Carved Letters

Union Bar Facade

Union Bar Front

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